Posted by: ... purple | December 5, 2008

They reminded me of the pAst

Here comes again another piece of discouraging thoughts  inside me. I just don’t know how to react again. They just reminded of the past, the cries, the pains and the hugs between friends and co-workers who has been so closed working and chatting together and has to let go and part ways. I know what it feels like leaving… leaving the person you truly love to work with…

Suddenly, there’s a strange thing happened today (AGAIN). We’re just so shocked that even our eyes couldn’t take to see how sad and disappointed they are. All I can say is to wish them good luck…  just too weak for me to watch them leaving their desk.  By tomorrow I won’t be seeing them anymore chatting with the IMS team..  it really does break my heart.

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Goodluck for the upcoming endeavors in life! We’ll gonna miss you!

Posted by: ... purple | November 20, 2008

pinky sailor wallpaper

It has been five days since my first post on this blog. Lately, have been so busy with our tasks and thankfully, I wasn’t pressured at all. Still can keep it up. Let me share this cutie wallpaper that I got from sailormoon-obsession blog.

Btw, I badly missing someone who makes me feel I was forgotten. Could distance make a person forget the one they love? I just couldn’t guess.

Posted by: ... purple | November 15, 2008

I love sailor costume a lot…

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Me and my friend Jam decided to exchange our costume ideas on our Christmas Party last year at Pepperland, Legazpi. Way back then, I planned on wearing Sailor Moon costume instead of her.. and it’s just one of my simplest dream. Jam got her plan on wearing a goddess costume. We wandered all around the malls and even relied on the web searching for designs just to find the best and perfect costume of ours. Uhm.. at the end I wasn’t permitted to wear skirts that time.. LOL! Someone told me Sailor moon would be the worst costume that I would wear.

Oh well, at least Jam got the best gestures and I love it!